Benjamin Kwakye

Selected Works

Collection of poems
An epic chronicle of Rwandan born Shama's struggles and triumphs as an immigrant.
A collection of short stories
A collection of three novellas that explore grief and the tenacity of the human spirit.
An epic novel on the African immigrant experience. Winner of the 2011 IPPY Gold Award Multicultural Fiction (Adult )
A novel of intense sibling rivalry that stands as a powerful metaphor of Africa’s socio-political past and present.
"[A] compelling revelation of post-colonial concerns presented through a brilliant weaving together of events... "
--CWP Citation
A compelling portrait of relations between the rich and poor in urban Ghana.


Soul to Song
Collection of Poems

The Three Books of Shama (2016)
An epic chronicle of Rwandan born Shama's struggles and triumphs as an immigrant.

The Executioner's Confession (2015)
A collection of short stories

The Executioner's Confession (Cissus World Press, 2015)

Scrolls of the Living Night

“Kwakye's evocative blend of detail, memory, stories, characters and lyrical commentary makes this book an ambitious project that will have a lasting impact on the reader. Traditional and modern Ghanaian/​African culture clash in this courageous adventure rich with memorable characters, myths, places and sophisticated language.”

Eyes of the Slain Woman (2011)
In Echoes of Hungry Blood, Solo, a disenchanted doctor, leaves his practice in Accra to work in a village, where he is presented with the challenge of caring for those who have committed crimes against his family. His decision has severe ramifications that lead to regret and eventual deliverance. In The Last Next, Solo returns to the city and remarries. His new wife is soon diagnosed with a terminal illness and, unable to cope with the pain, she asks him to euthanize her. His agreement and the ensuing murder trial and conviction become a journey of growth and redemption. Eyes of the Slain Woman narrates the harrowing experiences of Ma Ebo, a long-widowed woman, following the murder of her son. A friend persuades her to visit her son’s murderer in prison and in the process finds healing and the liberation of forgiveness.

The Other Crucifix (2010)
An epic novel on the African immigrant experience.

Legacy of Phantoms (2015)
Legacy of Phantoms narrates the internal battles of the twin Kakra as he struggles to come to terms with a past so jarring he is able to recall its details in a disjointed and piecemeal manner only. It entails intense sibling rivalry that flirts with fratricide, shocking betrayals, joy and pain, and triumph and failure. As his memory negotiates this complex terrain and as he relives past experiences, Kakra comes to the realization that he must embrace the past in order to assert control over his future. In language at once poetic and accessible, Legacy of Phantoms offers a tale that stands as a powerful metaphor of Africa’s socio-political past and present.

The Sun by Night (2005)
The novel unravels the secrets surrounding the death of a prostitute. Framed around a court case, it is a gripping tale of murder, courtroom shenanigans, and intense conflicts. It explores familial and traditional commitments, individual freedom, marriage, love, and class exploitation to weave an enduring tapestry of great human value.

The Clothes of Nakedness (1998)
Into a poor, if jovial, world of a group of friends descends the intriguing and dapper Mystique Mysterious bearing attractive offers of a better life. Embracing him is to fall prey to his diabolical machinations; however, those that dare challenge or ignore him do so at their own peril. Faced with seemingly impossible choices, each character must struggle to contend with forces that seem out of human control and endeavor to carve out his or her own destiny. With the flora and fauna of Accra as its backdrop, The Clothes of Nakedness examines the complexities of human interactions and, in the process, offers a gritty expose of relations between rich and poor in modern Ghana.

Lyrics of Lions
A fantastic tale of Kobi the Magician and his twin brother Paa Quartey.

The Fool's Tomatoes
On its face a tale of familial tension, this story illustrates the lurking power of those whose influence we allow to overwhelm our judgment.